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Wash Day is here again and this week we're featuring tips on making detangling a whole lot easier. Detangling is usually the most time-consuming part of wash day, taking many of us HOURS to get through (depending on the length and thickness of our hair). Thankfully, there are some detangling hacks that we've come across that make the process much easier to get through without having to rip through or damage your hair! We suggesting using our all new super formula Hydrate Me Please Leave-in Detangling Hair Milk to get the best results.

1. Detangle in Sections

As the hair gets longer, you may find that it'll be easier to detangle smaller sections at a time. Many opt to section the hair off in quadrants (4), or even 6 parts for longer/ thicker hair. Detangling in smaller sections reduces the amount of tangles that you have to work through at a time. This makes your detangling process easier and more effective. 

2. Saturate the Hair With Warm Conditioner

As mentioned in our Conditioning Hacks Post, warming the conditioner before it is applied makes the hair softer because it is able to penetrate the hair shaft much deeper. This causes the hair to become more pliable, making it easier to detangle. Remember, DO NOT heat your conditioner in the microwave. For details on how to properly warm your conditioner, refer to our last post: Conditioning Hacks Post. The Hydrate Me Please Moisture Lock Conditioner is the perfect conditioner choice.

3. Add Oil

If you're in need of some more slip, add some oil to the hair right before your detangle. Not only does this lock in the moisture, but it also lubricates the hair so that your comb (or fingers) can glide through easier. I prefer to use olive oil or coconut oil, but any carrier oil will work just as well. 

4. Finger Detangle with Vinyl Gloves

Crazy, right? How is wearing gloves going to help me detangle my hair? Well, since the best way to detangle the hair is by finger detangling, I've found that wearing gloves allows the fingers to glide through the hair much easier. Due to the fact that there is nothing for the hair to grip on to, the hair doesn't snag or wrap around your fingers, allowing you to detangle and remove shed hairs at ease. Make sure the gloves you wear are fitted to your fingers properly; gloves that are too big will get caught up in the tangles.

5. Detangle Under Running Water

This is a step that most of us forgo (especially if we're tryna save on that water bill), but detangling under running water is one of the best methods to use. The force of the water weighs the hair down, loosening the curls which makes it easier to remove those shed hairs and tangles. 

What detangling hacks have you found??

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