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4 easy steps to winterize your hair in 2023

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The winter months can be very stressful to our hair especially if your hair is kinky.  We already struggle with retaining moisture in normal temperatures, now Jack Frost wants to impede on our regimen making us have to add a few during the harsh cold months. But, don't worry we have you covered. Grab your cocoa or coffee and lets get into these 4 easy steps to winterizing your hair.

 Step 1. (optional)  pre-poo your hair applying a carrier oil such as olive oil, jajoba or grapeseed oil to your hair from root to tip for 5 mins under a conditioning cap or a regular plastic shopping bag.  This can be done in a hot steamy shower or simply sitting under a warm dryer.

Step 2. Shampoo less in the winter time as the more you shampoo the more you  strip your natural oils away. shampooing is recommended every 3-4 weeks vs every week unless you have a severe scalp condition.

If you choose to shampoo, use a moisturizing sulfate free shampoo to cleanse your hair. 

If you don’t like to shampoo your hair you can use a cleansing co-washing product.  Refrain from just using conditioner by itself as you’re only conditioning dirty hair. We personally like seeing suds and bubbles as it lets us know that our hair is clean. We recommend using the Hydrate Me Please Moisture Lock Shampoo & conditioner together for an amazing co-washing experience.

Some of yall are gonna hate this. But Coconut oil isn’t recommended in the colder climates as it solidifies at 40 degrees and below. This can cause buildup on your hair and make your hair stiff. We don't suggest using it as a stand alone oil.

Step 3. Section and apply the Hydrate Me Please Mega-9 Extreme Growth oil to your scalp and apply a generous amount but no more than 2 quarter sizes of Hydrate Me Please! Moisture & Growth Aid to each section from root to tip. Sit under a steamer, or dryer for up to 30 mins for a deep penetrating conditioning session.

After your steam session, add as needed the Hydrate Me Please leave in detangling hair milk and proceed to styling once you've successfully detangled your hair (not recommended if your getting your hair pressed)

Step 4. Wear non tension protective styles all winter long. You can try styles such as two strand twists, maybe a sew-in weave, or individual braids, crochet styles etc. I wouldn't go past 60 days.  In some cases you can shampoo and condition individual protective styles.  Especially if your hair is long and won't slip out easily when wet. 

Repeat these steps every 30-60 days and you will notice that your hair will shed less, it will have a high level of elasticity and feel moisturized as ever.  

Thank you for reading! 

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Until next time,

Stay happy, humble and hydrated!

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  • Wendy C Waddell on

    This is awesome ; user friendly advice. Thank you Queen for educating us & sharing this important knowledge. Can’t wait until the next blog.

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